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Our Story

As a child, I distinctly remember always being surrounded by such elegant women in my family. I was in awe of their poise and grace. The way they draped their Chanderis, chiffons, tissues, and brocades at family gatherings or events. The simplicity of the jewelry they chose to wear — a string of pearls, glass bangles, few diamonds — nothing terribly loud or flashy, just understated, yet gorgeous. 

Like most daughters growing up, my mother Urmila was my biggest influence. A strong, independent, and passionate woman who took up art at the age of 16 and has been painting ever since. She is a woman of grace and elegance, known not only for her regal demeanor but also for her exceptional skills in hand painting. She has a unique ability to infuse life into fabrics with her vibrant strokes, turning ordinary pieces of cloth into artistic masterpieces. 

Fond of nature, my mother’s handpainted floral patterns made their way onto the garments she wore which soon became her signature style. She has now trained and mentored a collective of young artists to paint in her unique style and bring this brand to life. 

Akutee is an ode to rich textiles, detailing, and handpainted garments that take you back in time to an era of artistic talent and impeccable taste. Fashioned around the celebrated women of my family, the brand stays true to its royal roots while preserving the essence of our cultural heritage. 

Here’s to celebrating true beauty and elegance.